Apps you simply need to have

If you actually bought your own incredibly hot and modern HTC One, well – Congrats! Right now, you’re most likely asking yourself which within the vast sea of Google Play applications make your HTC the best piece of technology you’ve ever had. You’re lucky!  We wrote this list just for you.

Your One is simply awesome for making your photograps, but what are they if nobody sees them. Get your Instagram app and show them to the world.
MX Player
HTC One has awesome 1080p display. It is great for movies. So, don’t sit back – download your MXPlayer and watch your favorite movie on your One.
Pocket Casts
Keep in touch with your favorite podcasts.
Like Google Maps? So go a step further ang get your Waze app. You have a new word ahead, so if you use Waze once, you will never look back to Google Maps.
I’m 100% sure you’ve heard about the big buy-out of the WhatsApp by Facebook. No wonder, It is simply the best app to stay in touch with your friends.